Fxwealthcare Trading/Investment Services

We are Global trading solution supported by world-class technology.

Fxwealthcare is a leading global provider of trading technology and financial services, offering unrivalled solutions spanning the entire trading lifecycle for institutional investors.

Investment Research: Evaluation Solutions

Our range of solutions help investment professionals evaluate the services delivered to them by fxwealthcare and determine how to compensate for those services through our Evaluation, Research Payment Manager and Commission Manager platforms.

Trading Analytics

Our Trading Analytics arm facilitates the measurement of best execution by providing multi-asset regulatory compliance and custom analytics.

We offer Best Online Investment Services by making use of our platform

One of the best ways to boost your personal finances is to make smart investments with fxwealthcare and allow our robotic electronics to manage those investments wisely. This mean, hiring a good broker from fxwealthcare by make use of our investment plan. Today’s world there are many options for stock trading services online that enable you to manage an investment portfolio yourself but are highly risky. has done extensive research on online stock trading services. The site also has a stock trading configurator which helps our Robotic Expert Advisor to determine which trading option is best among the currency pairs at a time.

As a broker-agnostic service provider, our objectives are aligned with those of our clients allowing us to provide global execution without limitations.

Our team brings extensive buy-side experience together with a detailed understanding of market micro-structure. While our primary value is apparent in the execution, as a trading focused technology firm we provide a comprehensive solution which extends beyond execution to all facets of the investment process.

Ability to trade all markets and asset classes on behalf of our clients, providing extensive pre- and post-trade profit.

We are highly dedicated and steadfast with our commitment to you in providing the best possible investment service and trading platforms, so that you can focus on our trading success for your glorious future. To provide our customers with convenient and secure access to global financial markets we have developed a reliable trading platform for every investors.

Passion for redefining the traditional marketplace and pushing the envelope of possibility transforms fxwealthcare into one of the world’s leading brokers. Our fast growing client base is proof of this.

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Faq / Frequently asked questions
Can I know more about fxwealthcare ?

FxWealthCare is a marketplace that enables users to Invest, buy and sell bitcoin with their choice of different currency pair options. It’s like eBay, but for money -- and totally without limits.Our platform connects over half a million users all over the world. All of our users are protected by the Fx Wealth Care trading and investment service, which means they can exchange, self-trade or invest their funds and knowing that they are safe.

What is the Fx Wealth Care Affiliate Program, and how does it work?

The Fx Wealth Care Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing Fx Wealth Care with their friends and followers. The program allows you to earn 50% commission on the FWC Trading platform every time one of your direct affiliates makes a trade, and also have 10% commission on the FWC Trading terminal, when your direct affiliates’ referrals make a trade. The FWC Trading fee is calculated as 1% in all affiliate payouts, except the cases where the affiliate fee is lower than 1%. If the FWC Trading fee is lower than 1%, the affiliate fee is calculated based on the lower fee. Racking up affiliates is easy when you feature your Fx Wealth Care affiliate link in the content you generate, share it on social media, or advertising it on your website.

When do I get paid?

Earnings typically get credited to your affiliate wallet instantly after your affiliate's trade completes. Once your affiliate wallet balance reaches $10, you can transfer the bitcoin balance from your affiliate wallet to your Fx Wealth Care wallet. Once the balance of your Affiliate Wallet reaches a total lifetime value of $300, you will be required to submit identity and address verification.

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